Click link to hear Chris Scruggs talk about the new improved Trapezoid Bobbins.

“Nick rebuilt the pickups on the outside/bass neck of my 1953 Fender Quad Stringmaster.He did a beautiful job and they sound great! The work was done in a timely manner and at a very reasonable price and I would not hesitate at all having Nick do any work on any of my steels in the future.” 

– Kenny Aaronson (Bob Dylan, Billy Idol, Joan Jett, Brian Setzer, Currently with The Yardbirds)

“Nick Fryer is the guy we call when we need a pickup rewound or rebuilt. His attention to detail and creativity have restored not only 50’s Strat pickups but also vintage Supro Lap Steel Pickups and Hofner Club 50 pickups for us and our customers! If you need any pickup rewound or rebuilt contact Nick Fryer!”

– Ben Wagner, The Guitar Shoppe (Laguna Beach, CA)

“Nick expertly rewound a first-generation DeArmond FHC (“Monkey on a Stick”) guitar pickup and a pair of late 1960s Sho-Bud tapped-coil steel guitar pickups. I could not be happier and more satisfied, and I’m excited to play them again and again. Nick was very quick, affordable and advised me every step along the way. Perfection.” 

Larry Chung, (SF Bay Area multi-instrumentalist)

“Nick Fryer is my go to guy for guitar and steel rewinds and replacements. My strats and Fender pedal steels really came to life! The service and products are first rate!”

Dave Zirbel (Phil Lesh, San Geronimo) California

“Nick Fryer has done something amazing with these Strat pickups. Whether I’m playing high-gain fusion sounds with Spherical Agenda or modern jazz tinged with classic Strat tones with Brandon Coleman Quartet, his custom-wound pickups do the trick. With both his 60’s and 70’s sets, I’m experiencing a level of clarity, balance and harmonic detail I haven’t found before in other pickups. Plus, he is a fantastic musician and all-around great guy!”

Brandon Coleman – (Guitarist/Composer/Engineer/Producer) Ohio

“I rely on Nick Fryer for my pickups restoration needs exclusively. I wouldn’t be able to revive Pedal Steel Guitars without him. His ability to faithfully repair them cosmetically and sonically to vintage specs is unmatched. Plus his custom work and upgrades are life changing and life is too short for bad tone!”

Justin Collins – (Pedal Steel Revival) Minnesota

“Nick’s work and aftercare support is super. I asked him initially to “repair” two Fender trapezoid pickups. After discussing the issue I had online, I took his advice as to ordering and supplying two new “bobbin” units. I am in the UK and expected a high delivery cost and for them to take a while but the cost was lower than expected and they were with me within a week. I fitted them and they sounded superb. Slightly brighter than an original trapezoid but at the same time, a more rich overall “sound”. With this fitment in mind, I then decided to purchase three more for my Fender Triple Custom. Again, perfect response, delivery and wonderful tone to re-ignite this fabulous guitar. Two fenders reworked to a top level and one more to go. I decided to ask Nick’s advice on my Fender 1000 pedal steel guitar. I had never been completely happy with the sound that these guitars produced. I own a Bigsby T8 and two Rickenbacker steel guitars. I wanted to to find a more rounded, richer more toneful sound that I was more comfortable with. I asked Nick to help and he said he could help. He waved his wand, produced two rewound “jazzmaster” pickups and sent them over. I fitted them but that required a bit of additional help from Nick that was instantly forthcoming. As soon as I played the guitar it was exactly what I wanted. A more poweful, warm, round and almost Rickenbacker”esk” sound with a slightly harsher “bite”. He listened to the modification to the jazzmasters and produced a phenomenal two sets of trapezoids. I would recommend Nick’s work without hestitation anywhere in the world.”

– Phil Morgan (United Kingdom)